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Global Handwashing Day
Global Handwashing Day (GHD) is an international awareness day committed to increasing alertness about the significance of Hand Hygiene. Handwashing is equally vital in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19 and shown to support reduce the direct transmission of a range of virulent viruses and infectious diseases.
World Mental Health Day
This specific year internationally, World Mental Health Day is justly celebrated on 10th October After the COVID-19 pandemic the social lives have been principally changed globally. Universally considering the formidable challenges due to the pandemic it is imperative to properly provide meticulous care to satisfactorily address the Mental Health. 'Increased Investment in Mental Health' appropriately represent the prime goal of this typical year on World Mental Health Day!
BBA Orientation Ceremony
Jinnah Business School welcomes to the academic class of BBA Program 2020 at Sohail University. Prospective students are tacitly encouraged to properly attend this all-important orientation program as it accurately marked their grand entrance to Education - Door to the Future.
Breast Cancer Awareness
October is celebrated as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Staying Healthy! Early detection & prompt treatment can only reduce the risk of Breast Cancer. Women should conduct Breast Cancer Screening via Mammograms, Clinical Breast Exam, and Breast Self-Exam. Give Hope. Save Lives
ISB Camp Office
Sohail University celebrated the inauguration of the official opening of its Camp office at Islamabad on September 29th, 2020. Major. General (Retd) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam, an adjunct faculty member of Sohail University, was the chief guest of the event while Mr. Bulent Sohail, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Sohail University, was also present on the occasion. Sohail University will continue its mission beyond the boundaries to provide quality education, Innovation & new knowledge through transformative research. The Ribbon cutting ceremony gathering was limited due to the on-going pandemic COVID-19.
Care Heart for healthy Heart Beat
Sohail University's attached hospital Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital totally acclaims the specialized services of the Cardiologists & workforce caring the susceptible hearts. Care Heart for healthy Heart Beat.
Blood Cancer Awareness
September correctly is Blood Cancer Awareness Month - a decisive time to instantly make considerable energies to conquer blood cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and Hodgkin lymphoma. Persons with blood cancer can endure and live healthily when they’re diagnosed promptly and treated properly.
University Reopened & Classes Resumed Post
The operational disruptions in the comprehensive education system are over! University Reopened & Classes Resumed Post Covid-19. Sohail University reopens after the Covid-19 outbreak clams down in the key city. After typical months of Virtual Learning at home students assuredly come to the university to take classes. At Sohail University SOPs for adequate protection will be followed meticulously in managing the proper classes.
Quaid Day
Sohail University generously pays profound reverence to the venerated father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The revered leader died soon after attaining a separate homeland on 11 September 1948.
World PT Day
Jinnah College of Rehabilitation Sciences is justly wishing World Physiotherapy Day – World PT Day 2020 Physiotherapy is decisive in initial and continuing recuperation for the troubled people convalescing from any key injury or reasonably looking for better motion in their active lives.
Defence Day
Sohail University pays a special tribute to the armed forces and martyrs on the Defence Day of Pakistan!
Online Education during (Covid-19)
Sohail University conducts Distance Learning - Online Education during Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak that has undoubtedly changed the global life and the academic world. Mr. Saqib Kamran, Head of Examination Department, Sohail University. Prof. Dr. Rizwana S. Waraich, Director, Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) Prof. Dr. Marium Iqbal, BDS FCPS MHPE (AKU), Head of the Department of Operative Dentistry, Jinnah Medical & Dental College enthusiastically shared how successfully Sohail University conducts online education
Independence Day
Sohail University celebrates this 73rd Independence Day as a bountiful blessing, a glorious day to sincerely admire and to embrace our dear country. Let’s promise to develop our country a superior place to inhabit and value the independence to express our solidarity towards the nation.
Ecstatic to Honor
We are ecstatic to honor our distinguished Prof. S. Raza K. Rizvi, Head of Department (HOD) Neurosurgery - Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital (MC&GH), joins the ranks of several other illustrious and outstanding Surgeons as the proud recipient of Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow.
World Blood Donor Day
Your blood donation can save the lives of thousands of patients every day. Today is World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) and, Sohail University / Jinnah Medical and Dental College (JMDC) / Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital (MCGH) thank all Heroes (blood donors) to donate blood and make the world a healthy place.
PCP Certification
Another achievement for S.M. Sohail Trust to have received PCP certification. The Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Certification Programme seeks to bring transparency, accountability and good supremacy in the non-profit sector in Pakistan. It involves the evaluation of a non-profit organization on standardized limitations of internal governance, financial management and programme delivery.
World Hypertension Day
Hypertension is a quiet executioner. It is probably going to turn into a worldwide pandemic. Sohail University observes world hypertension day on 17th May 2020. It is treatable and preventable. Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital spread the awareness among the general public about how to treat and prevent hypertension.
nternational Nurses Day
Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital have celebrated a very special day International Nurses day on 12th May 2020! We thank to all the wonderful nurses who dedicate their lives to take care of others and keep them safe, every single day.
Labour Day 2020
Sohail University paid tribute to all workers on 1st May 2020, especially to our medical staff, and we appreciated for their services and sacrifice during this difficult time of Covid19 pandemic.
Ration Distribution
Sohail University / Jinnah Medical & Dental College (JMDC) join hands with Saylani Welfare Trust during this pandemic. Ration for 300 families were distributed ON 15TH April 2020 in Thatta village. It is imperative to maintain social distance for the safety of those around us. Let’s not forget the poor during the coronavirus pandemic.


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