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The Department of Anesthesiology at Medicare Cardiac and General Hospital is aiming to provide safe and comprehensive medical care for patients who are planned to undergo surgery or any other procedure requiring anesthetic care.
The Department of Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery at Medicare Hospital provides most comprehensive Cardiac Care with highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff.
Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
Our experienced team of clinical Nutrition Department consists of qualified dieticians who are expert in assessing the nutritional status of the patients and accordingly design meal based on the medical conditions.
Critical Care
Intensive care medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions requiring
Day Care
Day Care Centre at Medicare Hospital provides treatment to the patients undergoing surgeries and procedures without being admitted into the hospital overnight.
Dental Surgery
Dental Surgery
Digital OPG Intra Oral Radiographs , Cosmetic dentistry & teeth whitening

- Patients Stories -

Mr. Liaqat Abdullah
Knee Infection
Mr. Liaqat Abdullah, He was admitted to Medicare Cardiac and General Hospital due to a knee infection. He got his 1st successful surgery from renowned doctors, Dr. Shahid Noor & Dr. Shabir Jumani, and will get 2nd surgery soon.

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