Pathology & Blood Bank

Pathology or Laboratory medicine, is a medical speciality that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the laboratory analysis of blood, urine, body fluid and tissues using the tools of chemistry, microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology.

We are work based on various guideline and criteria like NABL,WHO,CAP etc.

We have pneumatic chute system for sample transportation as well fully barcoded system with bidirectional interfacing facilities.

All parameter done in in-house laboratory.

Advanced Laboratory

  • Hematology - 6 part hematology analyzer ( 5 diff + IPF +Retic).
  • Biochemistry - Fully automated Dry chemistry analyzer - Reference method for all biochemistry parameter.
  • Immunoassay - Best immunoassay (vitros Eci CLIA and ELFA).
  • HPLC for Hba1c and electrophoresis.
  • Fully automated cougulometer, ESR analyzer as well as Urine analyzer(based on flow cytometry).
  • Fully automated ELISA.
  • Zeiss microscope with IFA.
  • Fully automated Histopathology department (fully automated tissue processor, microtome, embedding station, slide strainer).
  • Advance microbiology department (BACT/ALERT-3D, VITEK 2, In future PCR laboratory).

Blood Bank

Blood bank is an integral part of patient management. Blood bank at the Medicare Hospital has expanded its horizons from blood collection and component preparation to apheresis ,stem cell collection and advanced testing in immunohematology .

Infectious disease testing

The serological tests performing on fully automated CLIA method , CLIA method is highly sensitive and specific test for infectious disease.


Advanced gel technology is used for blood grouping and crossmatching .We have the facility to identify antibodies to minor red cell antigens(like kell, Kidd, C, E etc) which has the potential to cause haemolytic disease of the new born and haemolytic transfusion reaction. The monitoring of antibody levels by coombs titration and ABO isoagglutination titration is also performed in our lab.

Specialized Blood Products

We provide leukocyte reduction for at risk patients, irradiated components , concentrated platelets for pediatric recipients , autologous collections.
We strive to act in time and save lives and improve quality of life of our patients