Rheumatic diseases affect joints and muscles. Some, like osteoarthritis, are the result of wear and tear. Others, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are immune system problems. happens when the immune system attacks one own tissues and causes join pain, swelling, and stiffness. It’s not part of normal aging.

Your treatment plan will likely include medications, regular exercise, a healthy diet, stress management and rest. At Medicare Hospital our doctors who specializes in these conditions, can help you find the best ways to manage your condition.


  • Dedicated state –of-the art Modular OTs with laminar flow, Navigation System, Arthroscopy System etc…
  • Dedicated OTs for Joint Replacement
  • Digital & Computerized X-ray System
  • C-Arm Image Intensifier in Operation Theatres
  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • Computerized Navigation System
  • High definition top of the line integrated arthroscopy system
  • operating microscopes
  • Round the clock Emergency services
  • ICU services for critical patients
  • Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and pain management Services.